Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pinnaclife Complete Health Solution

Pinnaclife is the Expert Supplement Brand

I was excited to spend time with one of the Pinnaclife experts today that visited two Hy-Vee stores to talk with customers about the powerful and complete health solution supplement brand, Pinnaclife.

It is a top Hy-Vee Dietitian pick for a supplement line and helps fill in the missing pieces with essential micronutrients needed to support a healthy life. Not everyone's diet is going to be perfect....that is why Pinnaclife is a perfect way to set a strong foundation for proper nourishment.

Here is some information about Pinnaclife from their team of experts...

The Complete System

The Pinnaclife products provide a synergistic approach to health care. There is compatibility of ingredients designed into the products. Working together, the products offer a true system of care; each product building upon the foundation set by the proceeding product. The products work together to offer the best opportunity for cell recovery.

miracle Olivamine10 Essential
Olivamine is found in every product as it is the "powerhouse" nutrient that has been proven in research to deliver optimum health results.

Olivamine10 is the most scientifically sound wellness and longevity ingredient complex ever created. Simply put, Olivamine10 allows sleeping cells to rest and revitalize instead of fatigue and die. Olivamine10's hydroxytyrosol has six times more antioxidant power than the widely touted Resveratrol. Olivamine10 was proven incredibly effective in human cells and the results are a miracle.

Be sure to stop at your local Hy-Vee today and learn more about Pinnaclife supplements from your Hy-Vee Dietitians or go to the website listed above.

Pinnaclife supplements in addition to consistent healthy eating behaviors and an active lifestyle provide a synergistic approach to a high quality of life!!

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